Salesforce Dropbox Integration

Accelerate your business by eliminating busywork.

Collaborate efficiently and in real-time with your customers, prospects, and team members by storing and sharing relevant, up-to-date content directly from Salesforce. Pull all of your files from Dropbox Business right into your Salesforce records and keep them organised according to your accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities.

  • Simplify your workflow
    Stay in the flow by easily loading, storing, and pulling files directly into Dropbox from a Salesforce record.

  • Eliminate back-and-forth email exchanges
    Dropbox syncs your changes as soon as you make them, so all of your Salesforce users will have real-time access to the most recent version of your content.

  • Know when and how to follow up
    Easily track what content has been shared, viewed, and downloaded. Use these insights to determine how and when you should follow up with your prospects and customers.

  • Maintain visibility and control
    Permissions are automatically mapped between Dropbox and Salesforce, so you can easily control who has access to your content.
  • Dropbox App for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
    The Dropbox App allows users to easily reference and store content in Dropbox as they use Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

  • Dropbox Live App for Quip
    The Dropbox for Quip Live App allows Quip users to better collaborate with their Dropbox content. Users can insert a Dropbox folder directly within Quip and navigate through folders to view, open and download any of the files inside.

  • Dropbox Integration for Marketing Cloud
    This integration surfaces Dropbox content within Marketing Cloud, allowing users to directly leverage this content in their email campaigns, social campaigns and more. Further, the app enables marketing teams to easily collaborate on assets with external agencies and studios.

  • Dropbox Enhanced Salesforce Integration
    Take the standard Salesforce Dropbox integration a step further by Mirror Imaging the Salesforce navigation hierarchy with your Dropbox folder structure. This can be tailored for both standard and custom Salesforce objects.

2,000+ Salesforce organisations have now installed the Dropbox for Salesforce App.