Business Cloud Transformation

The processes within your business go beyond the core capabilities of the Salesforce offerings. However, Salesforce provides a springboard for incredible customisation enabling us to design and build you a bespoke cloud to mimic your business processes. We will also provide ongoing support.

Your Journey to Business Cloud Transformation

  • Key Busines Performance Indicator (KPI) discovery meeting
  • Define project scope & implementation costs
  • Cloud Architecture Design
  • Prototpye Build
    • Demonstrates some of the core capabilities without the bells and whistles.
    • Helps you visualise the end solution and together we prioritise delivery of the solution.
  • Agile Project Plan
    • Plan consists of a series of sprints. Sprints are chunks of work that can be delivered quickly.
    • An iterative procedure of 'customisation and testing' where we enhance the core prototype to deliver the production ready functionality.
    • Sprints can be delivered back to back for rapid implementation or at times to suit optimisation of user adoption.
  • Ongoing Support
    • Our plans include ongoing support. We will help you adapt your cloud as your business and processes evolve.

Bespoke Implementations include features such as...

  • Custom pages, fields and workflow rules
  • Industry specific processes
  • Project management
  • Work order scheduling
  • Departmental work prioritisation
  • Adherence with compliance procedures
  • Health and Safety checks
  • Employee records, timesheets and holiday allocation
  • Mobile worker application
  • Advanced calender and mapping solutions
  • Documentation generation
  • Image handling
  • 'Dropbox for Business' integration
  • Advanced website visit intelligence

Pricing is bespoke, but we offer solutions with upfront part-payment with balance spread over 12 months.