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Business Cloud Transformation, Salesforce support, Dropbox integration

Business Cloud Transformation

Salesforce ongoing support, Salesforce customisation

Salesforce ongoing support

Salesforce Quick Start, Salesforce support

Salesforce Quick Start

Salesforce customisation, Salesforce support

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SOS! Salesforce

So, you have Salesforce but need help RIGHT NOW! Drop us a line, we would love to help – your first basic support case will be FREE (if we can solve it within the hour!)

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Migrate to Salesforce Lightning

Still in Salesforce Classic? Understandably you may not have been prepared to migrate with the early adopters but now is the time to switch over!

Customised Salesforce Mobile Application

We have a few tricks up our sleeve to configure the standard Salesforce mobile application to make it more intuitive for your users.

Salesforce Data Migration

Need to move a lot of Data into Salesforce? We can help you structure your import files and do the data loading for you whilst ensuring the appropriate workflows are triggered, email notification alerts managed and Salesforce 'process limits' managed.

Images in Salesforce

We work closely with 'SharinPix' to build solutions to integrate images with your Salesforce records. See the images in Salesforce but store them on our Amazon server, protecting data storage limits. You can even capture images offline on your mobile to sync with Salesforce when you are back in signal.

Website Visitor Tracking

When a business visits your website, you will know! A record of page visits and views gets created in Salesforce (we know you are looking!). Use this to follow up on new potential clients or as a prompt to re-engage with existing customers.

Migrate your Excel Trackers to Salesforce

Stop using Excel trackers and start using Salesforce records. We take your spreadsheets and migrate them to Salesforce and integrate them with your custom workflow.

GridBuddy in Salesforce

'GridBuddy' on the Salesforce App Exchange is the most popular 'Grid' solution for Salesforce. If you want that Excel type interface and work on multiple related items, then Grid Buddy is a great option. We are Grid Buddy Certified and can help get you started.

Salesforce Dropbox Integration

We use 'Dropbox for Business' and have it integrated with Salesforce. The folder structure in Dropbox mirrors our Salesforce 'object' hierarchy. This means your users can find and store their files in Salesforce or Dropbox and use the same filing system!