Now is the time to switch to Salesforce Lightning

From October 2019, Salesforce will automatically be switching over to Lightning for all users.

All users will be switched to the Lightning interface in October, if you have not prepared for this change, it may leave your users scurrying for the back to classic option.

All of us at some point are reluctant to change but Cloud Jungle have the secret sauce to smoothly manage your Salesforce Lightning migration. We will help you to take advantage of the new user interface so you can work faster and smarter than before.

Preparation for a Quick & Successful Migration to Salesforce Lightning

  • System Health Check: audit your Salesforce organisation to see how ready it is for the Lightning switchover. In some instances, some preparatory work is advisable.
  • User Adoption: user adoption is key. We will work with you and your key users to understand how you interact with the Salesforce platform on a day to day basis. By understanding this we will be able to select components to enhance the way you work.
  • This process also makes you review your current usage of the platform and when upgrading to Lightning it helps you address any gaps.
  • We encourage a fast rollout of Salesforce Lightning but leave the option for users to switch back to classic if further tweaks are needed.
  • Encouraging the switch early means that users benefit from key enhancements just days into the project. It also helps them understand the Lightning Platform so suggestions for further improvements tend to be of higher value.

More conservative organisations may wish to work a little slower with a more consultative approach with extra workshops. We will work at your pace.

The Key to Lightning Success

In summary the key to a successful Lightning migration rollout is to:

  • Complete a system health check.
  • Understand how your users engage with the platform.
  • Select Lightning components that will enhance the user experience.
  • Support users through the rollout.
  • Provide a feedback loop for further improvement as experience with the platform develops.


To help you kick start the change we will carry out a 'free system health check' which will highlight any technical changes that you will need to address.

Pricing for the full Lightning switch is then quoted on a case-by-case basis.