Our Favourite Summer '19 Core Salesforce Features.

We've scoured the release notes to see what exciting new core Salesforce features are being released this summer and what we are looking forward to the most.

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1. Enhanced Related Lists -Enhanced related lists is number one on our core Salesforce features list. We are most looking forward to because it adds tons of functionality to related lists. You will be able to increase your columns from 4 to 10, resize column headers, wrap those long field names and perform inline editing and mass actions like a regular list view. -In the meantime, we have been using the AppExchange component ‘Enhanced Lightning Grids’ which offers the same functionality but from Salesforce Labs to implement these features for our customers.

2. Row-Level Formulas in Reports -Row-level formulas will power up your reports without the need for extra custom fields or exporting to excel to make a single calculation. Another bonus feature is that you can move the formula field column around and have it exactly where you want, unlike with summary formula fields. -This feature won’t be enabled automatically because it is a beta feature so you will need to enable it in the settings by searching for ‘Reports and Dashboard Settings’ and enabling ‘Enable Row Level Formulas (Lightning Experience Only)’. If you are struggling to enable or use this feature our Salesforce support team can help...

3. Custom Notification Builder -Process Builder will now support an Action Type called ‘Send Custom Notification’ which supports custom objects. Another great feature is the ability to send push notifications to users mobile phones if they have the Salesforce App installed, which means any of your clients that have users who spend a lot of time outside the office can get notified of important details such as opportunities closing or service engineers receiving escalated cases right through their phones.

4. Path Celebrations -You’ll now be able to add virtual confetti to your Path Stages when users reach a designated stage. Celebrate success when opportunities are closed and set the frequency for them to occur (Salesforce cannot be held responsible for fed up users that see confetti on every stage!). Whilst this may seem gimmicky, we think it will help user adoption of the platform.

5. Search Picklist Fields in List Views -This is only a small change, but a great change, nonetheless. List view search will now include picklist values!

6. myTrailhead

-myTrailhead will let admins create a tailored learning experience for their users to help them get the most out of Salesforce. myTrailhead can be branded with company colours, banner images and the logo. -By gamifying the learning experience, it motivates users to want to keep on learning more and show off their badges on their profile. This in turn can reduce workload from the admin as users can learn to create their own reports and dashboards for example. Two of our own admins recently had a race to ranger as they were both 75% of the way to the goal and it has motivated them to both continue their learning, allowing them to become more efficient with their salesforce support and salesforce customisations.

7. Flow Builder Update -New core Salesforce features have been added to their improved Flow Builder, undo and redo buttons can fix any mistakes quickly without the need to replace the entire element. Duplicating an element will also be possible to replicate any similar elements and finally the manager tab will give us the ability to search for existing elements on the canvas if you have complicated and lengthy flows.

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