Salesforce World Tour - Excel London 2019!

Updated: Sep 1, 2020


-Salesforce have formally announced the date for the Salesforce World Tour in London 2019. It will be hosted at the Excel London on May 23rd. The World Tour event typically attracts 14,000 attendees. It's bonkers!

-If this is your first Salesforce World Tour event you may find it somewhat overwhelming. The sense of community is incredible. Highly energised, successful professionals from every industry imaginable come together to get first hand insights from the visionaries at Salesforce on the future of cloud computing plus, there will be plenty of breakout sessions for both business leaders and those Salesforce Professionals who manage and develop on the platform.

Add to all this a dose of philanthropy, examples of how technology is changing the world for good, an incredible exhibition from Salesforce Partners and then you will be all set for one of the after parties. Salesforce have now announced the Agenda for this year’s world tour. From experience, here are some tips to help you get the most out of the day plus give you some insight on what to expect, see and do on the day. Make sure you have your Twitter account ready and follow #salesforceworldtour and @JungleHQfor the latest news.

REGISTER EARLY! -The Salesforce World Tour free event 'sells out' early. You should expect registration to close a week or two before the actual event so register now!

BEFORE THE DAY Prepare your day: -Salesforce have announced their all-important agenda, make sure you check this out so you can plan your day. Sessions are categorised for Business Users, Salesforce Administrators and Salesforce Developers. It is easy to be lured into a ‘Developer session’ by an enticing session title only to get there and find out it’s overly technical. There will be several sessions running concurrently so make sure to plan you day in advance to ensure you don’t miss out on those sessions most relevant to you. Importantly you can download the “Salesforce Events” App to your iPhone or Android to view all of the session details and plan the sessions you want to attend during the day.

ON THE DAY Get there early! -On the day of the Salesforce World Tour event get to Excel London early. If you're travelling by tube then take the DLR and get off at the Prince Regent stop (Excel London has two stops - it's a big place). This will be the one nearest to the registration hall where you pick up your badge. Expect to be on your feet quite a bit during the day so comfy footwear and a reusable water bottle are good ideas. If you like the freebies (swag from the trade stands then have some room in your backpack!) Reasons for arriving early...

  • Avoid security queues. Salesforce World Tour will have an 'airport level' of security so expect your bags to be searched and scanned.

  • Some event sponsors will be holding breakfast sessions from 8am and no doubt will entice you in with the bacon butties.

  • Find your way around, get your bearings and note where your key breakout rooms are located.

  • Find out where the Keynote is going to be presented (scheduled for mid-morning)

  • A quick early tour of the Campground is also advisable. This is where the sponsors will be exhibiting plus various mini 'theatres' will be setup with a mixture of sponsors and experts presenting throughout the day. Find your bearings and catch up with any key sponsor contacts before it gets too busy

The Keynote! By mid-morning you will have already picked up your badge, visited the 'Campground' and attended a breakout session. Now it is time to head to the Keynote and get there early. As soon as the Keynote is announced, thousands of people start heading to the main auditoriums under the direction of exhibition staff guiding the throngs like airport ground crew guiding planes to the runway. There are never enough seats in the main auditorium and if you are too late you will be guided next door to watch it on the big screen. The Keynote 'pre-show' will be up and running as the main auditorium fills up so you won't be left twiddling your thumbs. is one of the world's top innovative companies. During the Keynote you will witness innovation, be inspired, learn about the top Salesforce features plus also realise the role we all have to play by ensuring we make the best use of technology to make the world a better place.

Lunch Lunch is typically served back in the Campground area. The catering team keeps the food coming so you won't be hungry. Park up by one of theatres, grab a wrap and learn something new. Alternatively, there are a number of food concessions in the main corridor of Excel London, if you want to avoid the buzz of the campground and catch up with colleagues.

Trailblazing More breakout sessions will continue in the afternoon but also take a moment to visit the Trailhead stand. Trailhead is the Salesforce online learning platform with something for everyone. There will be various hands-on sessions where you will be encouraged to complete a training module and no doubt win a prize. There will be plenty of support on hand to help you along the trail but the most import thing to learn here is to get started with your Trailhead journey. The Campground

As the afternoon winds up and the sessions start coming to an end then the Campground gets busy. The exhibitors will have lost their voice and some refreshing beers, wines and tasty snacks will be on offer. Time to make plans to follow up on the great business connections you have made and wind down with a drink. Also keep your eyes peeled for any last minute party invites.

The After Parties There are a stack of events going on in and around the event. Visit the stands in the “Campground” and no doubt you may get invited to an event or two. (Hint: Keep your Salesforce World Tour registration badge handy!) However, some are open for registration.

  • Campground - “Refreshments” will start appearing around 4.30pm. (We will be hanging out around the Demo Jam at this point which is always good fun)

  • “OwnBackup” have an event at the Fox@Excel (pub just by the Western Exit of Excel). You can register here but it would be rude not to show your face on their stand!

  • The Salesforce Cruise along the Thames into Central London is currently full out but worth saying Hi to the sponsors - Appirio.

  • The Official Salesforce After Party Occurs in Central London. Registration for this is Open and it will be a night to remember!

Your Top Tips! What are your top tips for a great Salesforce World Tour in London? If you are a speaker, sponsor or party organiser then just let us know by tweeting @JungleHQ

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