Salesforce - Like you never knew it before. 

Are you an existing user of Salesforce? Looking for the extra advantage and clarity within your cloud model to win new business and optimise your workflows? 

  • At Cloud Jungle, the team take a huge emphasis on impeccable customer support and service. Our tailored systems are second to none regarding quality and after care.


  • Even if you are a existing user with a cloud model already in place, we can outsource your salesforce administration tasks in order for your firm to focus on whats important... Winning business and increasing your productivity.


  • We offer a selection of services including the migration to salesforce lightning. "Drop Box for Business" is becoming increasingly in demand for businesses to simplify their file structure. Working in unison, pull all your files from Dropbox directly into your Salesforce records, not only keeping it organised, but allowing workflows to be direct and stress free. Establishing clarity and focus. 

Additional Services:

We offer a comprehensive range of salesforce consultation and implementation services, and have a portfolio of key partners within the Salesforce eco - system. 

  • Einstein Analytics - Where BI meets AI. Visualise your Salesforce and external metrics in powerful dashboards. Plus, get amazing insights predictions and recommendations to help you make the right decisions for your business. 

  • Tibco Cloud Integration - Versatile platform for integrating Salesforce with other business platforms 

  • Salesforce and DropBox Integration - Keeping your documents secure and in sync. 

  • Financial Force - Back office accounting on the Salesforce Platform

  • Conga Composer - Generate documents from your Salesforce data. 

  • DocuSign - E-Signature management integrated within the Salesforce Platform

  • Geopointe - Visualise the "Where" in your Salesforce data. 

  • SharinPix - Powerful image capture and image management.

  • Calendar Anything - Create intuitive visualisations of key business dates to help project management and field scheduling. 

  • OwnBackup - Additional security measures to keep your Salesforce data safe

-Salesforce Lightning Transformation: Still in Salesforce Classic? Understandably, you may not have been prepared to migrate with the early adopters... But now is the time to raise the game with Salesforce Lightning. 

-Salesforce Data Migration: Our team of Consultants have migrated hundreds of millions  rows of data into Salesforce. Let us take care of your Salesforce data migration requirements.