Trailblazing @JungleHQ Part 2

If you have missed the first part of my trailblazing journey, take a look: Trailblazing @JungleHQ Part 1.

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I've now been with CloudJungle for four months and in that time, I've developed professionally and personally faster than I ever thought I could. I booked my first exam, the Certified Administrator (or ADM201 as it is known), for March and apart from many late nights of revision what really helped me was the hands-on experience offered from on the job training with the CloudJungle team.

The pass mark for the exam is 68% and I am pleased to say I passed with 80%, this means I am now fully Salesforce Certified and I even received a certificate to show off as well as a pay rise which is an added bonus!

Seeing many concepts that we have implemented for our clients as I was revising at home really helped to cement my learning where I could use the cases and scenarios from day to day work and relate them to the exam.

Trailhead has still been invaluable for me to reference content if I needed it quickly. When I first started Trailhead it was useful to teach me the basics that I had not seen before but as I become more experienced with Salesforce the projects they offer for self-study can test your understanding and take a couple of hours to complete. I followed the Admin Trailmix which consists of different modules that make up the exam content in detail,

Salesforce has really helped me to see problems differently and look at different approaches to tasks so if you are the type of person that enjoys problem solving situations then there is no better career than with Salesforce. My boss swears by completing Sudoku challenges to train the brain to solve day to day Salesforce challenges!

I've been involved from day one with clients, which means supporting, training sessions and requirement gathering with key stakeholders about what new features or changes they would like to see in their Salesforce implementations.

My goal for 2019 is to get another two certifications, Platform App Builder and Platform Developer 1 which will give me a good fundamental understanding of the platform for both the administrative side and the development side of Salesforce whilst bringing new ideas to the CloudJungle team.

I'll keep you posted for the third part of my journey when hopefully I will be 3 times Salesforce certified.