Salesforce Lightning Considerations to Optimise User Adoption

Feb 19

As Salesforce customers switch to lightning, the biggest fear is the change of the User Interface. Customers may have been using the Salesforce Classic Interface for years and will know all of the shortcuts and...

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Stuck in Salesforce Classic? Switch to Salesforce Lightning.

Feb 5

Life is nice in the Salesforce Classic Comfort Zone - isn’t it?! So you are in Salesforce Classic and you keep getting those nagging reminders to try Lightning Experience as life is so much better on the other...

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Cloud Jungle are Trailblazers!

Jan 21

Cloud platforms are evolving at a rapid pace but grasping career opportunities is more accessible than ever. Cloud Jungle is on a mission to grow its business consultancy by embracing the

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10 Tips for a Successful Salesforce Implementation

Jan 14

​Congratulations! You have decided to transform your business with a implementation. These projects can be complex and get out of control but follow these key tips to ensure a rapid successful...

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