Salesforce World Tour - Excel London 2019

Mar 27

Salesforce have formally announced the date for the World Tour London 2019. It will be hosted at Excel London on May 23rd. ...

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10 reasons to visit the Salesforce App Exchange

Mar 19 is the world's leading CRM system but it is capable of far more than managing a sales pipeline and inbound service calls. Salesforce is powered by the Lightning Platform which also drives a suite...

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Salesforce Lightning Considerations to Optimise User Adoption

Feb 19

As Salesforce customers switch to lightning, the biggest fear is the change of the User Interface. Customers may have been using the Salesforce Classic Interface for years and will know all of the shortcuts and...

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Stuck in Salesforce Classic? Switch to Salesforce Lightning.

Feb 5

Life is nice in the Salesforce Classic Comfort Zone - isn’t it?! So you are in Salesforce Classic and you keep getting those nagging reminders to try Lightning Experience as life is so much better on the other...

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